A hyper-sensitive people pleaser

Welcome!  I hope that this blog gives you some laughs at the recruiting mishaps that I experience daily.  Some are funny, some are frustrating, and some are downright jaw-droppingly shocking.  The selfish side of me hopes that by publishing these foibles, job seekers will pick up on their missteps and take more care in the way they present themselves to employers.  If that means I run out of material for this blog, then so be it!

There are all kinds of people in the recruiting business.  There is the tough-as-nails guy; you’ve got 30 seconds to impress him and get the heck out.  There is the Positive Patty;  she smiled and nodded through your interview but it’s just her being nice and not giving you the bad news right away.  Then there’s me…the hyper-sensitive people-pleaser.  I am easily shocked.  And recruiting is a tough job for a people-pleaser.  You can’t give everyone a job.  There are some people you WANT to hire, but can’t for some reason. There’s one of every type in the recruiting business.  As a job seeker, it’s YOUR job to make sure your correspondence is appropriate for any type of person you may encounter.  Yes, I’m hyper-sensitive.  Yes, I’m easily annoyed by rude people.  But I’m also a real person who just might give you your next job.  SO – don’t send me (or any other recruiter in the world) an email like this one:
“A friend just applied; please see what you can do.”  
Seriously – that’s the ENTIRE email.  There is no “hey how’re you doing?”, no closing, no NAME for heaven’s sake!  No nothing but these few, short, somewhat presumptuous words.  THIS doesn’t work for me.  Keep it in mind!

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