This is not a text

Hello, my name is Nutty and I’m a texter.

I text my friends.  And my family.  And a few people I need to get information to but just don’t want to call.  GUILTY! 

However, I do not, have not and will not ever send a text-ish message to someone who quite possibly holds the keys to my next desk and might give me a job.  It’s tacky.  Whatever happened to people who agonized over how to word a cover letter?  Did they go away with the actual paper cover letter?  Email is now the norm in pre-employment correspondence and it should be treated with the respect it deserves! 

Here is a smattering of what I receive on a regular basis:

“how r u sir??”   (side note – I am not a sir)

“can u plz let us know the status of our project/assignment.”

“when should i expect project from ur company ?”

“plz reply me”

“thanx in anticipation”


I might understand this if I corresponded with candidates via text.  Maybe.  But I don’t.  What I do enjoy is hearing from people through email.  Whole words are appreciated.  😉


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