Every job search book, article or website I have ever seen has standard tips for job-seekers.  One of those is to do your research on a company before you apply.  If not then, certainly do your research before you go to an interview.  Now I KNOW not everyone reads those articles.  If they did, I wouldn’t be here.

Apparently this guy didn’t get that memo:

“Who are you people?”

This was an email (yes, that was the entire thing) that greeted me this morning in response to an interview invitation.  Never mind that HE applied with US!  Oh – and forget the fact that my name and email address were included, along with the company name, logo AND website.  Yeah, forget that.  I suppose I could respond and tell him all about us, how to get to our website, and encourage him to learn more about the company.  But I won’t be doing that.  Neither will most any busy recruiter you encounter.  Oh by the way – he’s going in my “no pile”.


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