Flexibility is (sort of) good

Being flexible with regard to a new job or potential new job is important.  Rearranging your ENTIRE LIFE and emailing me every step of the way – not so important.

Once upon a time (last week), I made this job offer…  The very excited candidate responded right away – buuuuut the hours weren’t good for her.  She then emailed me 11 minutes later.  And 3 minutes after that.  And 8 minutes after THAT!  By the time I received all three messages, I almost had her ONE complete thought about rearranging her life to fit our job opening.  Turns out she had been driving in traffic while responding to me.  (I wish she hadn’t shared that with me.)

3 MORE emails later (that’s a total of 7 emails if you’re  keeping track) I found out that she accepted my offer, could work the hours, and was only able to get an entire thought out after a half-dozen messages.

After she filled up my email box, I sure hope she works out!


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