14 emails and counting

I’m all for follow-up.  In fact, if it wasn’t for follow-up, my husband wouldn’t have gotten a great job with a great company that moved us closer to our family.  Turns out the company’s mass-production recruiting process lost his application somewhere along the way.  He followed-up and got the job just a few days after that.

HOWEVER…there is a point at which follow-up becomes annoying.  There is also a point at which it becomes stalking and I think I’m there now.  Someone call the authorities!!

Sometimes a good candidate comes out of the interview process and we don’t have a perfect place to put them at that very moment.  That doesn’t mean they’ve been forgotten.  Quite the opposite actually.  When openings come up, the FIRST thing I do is look through candidates who have not been placed.  I want to put them to work, really I do!  I have a system and it works pretty well if I do say so myself. 

One month ago I contacted a great candidate to let her know that we didn’t have an offer right then, but would get in touch just as soon as we had something for her.  There was no question in my email.  There were no maybes.  We’ll call – honest!  I guess that’s not good enough.  In the past month I have received FOURTEEN follow-up email messages from this person.  It’s more than a little creepy. 

One thing is certain – I will not be able to forget her name anytime soon.  Trust me when I say that this is NOT the way to get a recruiter to remember your name!



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