I know you’re mad, but…

It’s frustrating to get a rejection notice.  I know that.  I have received them myself.  They’re the PITS.  But, as grown-ups in a grown-up world, we take our lumps and move on.  Well, some of us do anyway.  Some job seekers would do well to take my advice and not argue the point.  It isn’t going to change our minds.  What it WILL do is ensure that an individual isn’t ever considered for future opportunities either.

Joe Doe might not be right for the job I have right now, but he might be a great fit for something down the road.  However, I can assure you that if Joe responds to his decline notice like this, he won’t get that perfect job if it does come up.

“You people are idiots.”

Watch for a related future post, Bridge Burning 101 for more fun responses from applicants!


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