Do your research

We’ve all heard the advice – research companies before you apply.  If you don’t research them at that time, DEFINITELY research the company before you go in for an interview.  That way, when you are in front of a company representative, you know enough to ask questions about the company, the job, the culture, or whatever else you chose to address.  It shows that you have, well…done your research!  Now don’t get me wrong here.  No one likes a brown-noser.  You don’t have to get all gushy and show that you have the company’s last 5 annual reports memorized.  That’s overkill.  It’s nice for us in the recruiting business to know that the person cares enough to know something about the company for which they appear to want to work.  Unlike this person, when I emailed for more information:

“I have no idea who you are.”

Me:  “OK, thanks for the update.  D. O. N. E.”  Email then goes promptly to my trash folder.

Or this person:

“Can you please tell me how you got my information.”

Me:  “Well, I got your information from the application that YOU sent me!!”  so THAT email also goes promptly to the trash.  And one other thing – questions usually end in a question MARK.  😉  Not that I’m trying to be picky…

It’s Friday, so I have a few days to get over it.  Have a great weekend!


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