I am a grammar snob

Yesterday I told a friend that I wouldn’t be reading emails from “John Smith” any longer.  That is, until someone teaches him to write.

I’m embarrassed.  I actually said this.  Of course, I said it to a friend.  And I said it in confidence.  But the sad part is – I meant every word.

After we finished our conversation it occurred to me – I am a grammar snob!

My grammar is far from perfect.  Frankly, spell check is my friend because it catches my mistakes and points them out before I hit “send”.  However, if it can do it for me, why can’t it do the same for this professional person in a leadership position in my city?

And just HOW did this happen to me in the first place?  I’m a pretty down to earth type of person.  High maintenance, uppity, pompous, and other unflattering phrases like that aren’t what I proclaim to be.  (a little support here please?)

Look at that sentence up there.  I even end sentences in prepositions!  How can I be a grammar snob?

However it happened, it happened.  I can’t help it.  It hurts my head to read messages with glaring grammar mistakes.  It really hurts my head to see bunches of mistakes in the same message.  I draw conclusions that can’t be right.  But it keeps happening.  And even worse – I keep pointing it out to others!  ACK!

Maybe it goes back to me being a hyper-sensitive people pleaser.  Mistakes get to me, and they get to me fast.  I also worry what other people might think if I send them a message with mistakes throughout.  So, I fret about my correspondence being ultra-correct so that others aren’t offended by typos I might have made.  (I suspect they aren’t)

This just goes to show you that you never know who you’re dealing with when submitting that next job application.  Keep in mind that I, or someone as weird as me, might be on the receiving end of that resume.  The moral of this story…proof accordingly!


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