Bridge Burning 101

As the well-known proverb says, “Don’t burn your bridges behind you.”  It may have started as a military saying.  However, anyone with a job (at least I thought this before working in my field) knows this applies DIRECTLY to the work world.  You never know when you might want to go back to that other company.  Even better – that boss at your old job might come work at your NEW company!  GASP.  In either case, let’s hope you left on good terms!

What I find is that job seekers today haven’t heard that advice.  Or, if they have heard it, they don’t heed it.  Now I don’t proclaim to be the all-controlling-job-giver.  Nope.  That’s not me.  But I’ll tell you this, if someone is ugly with me, I remember it.  To make sure I remember it, I’ll make a note on the application that the person was ugly.  I’ll also note just HOW ugly they were.

eat my shit you little slut


You people are idiots

I don’t do this to be spiteful.  I do this because I work in customer service.  I do this also because I’m sick to death of bad service from stores, restaurants, sales people, etc.  If someone can’t be civil to me, the person who holds the keys to their next desk, what in the world will they do when they get an angry customer on the line?  I shudder to think about it!

Please, remember that we are all human.  Yes – even recruiters.  It pays huge dividends to be kind.  A little patience is nice too.

Are you EVER going to contact me?


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