Just Show Up!

What a week!  My crystal ball is not working well at all and I’m not sure who ‘round these parts fixes those things.

I honestly thought that this new year would find our company bringing on all sorts of new folks who were rearin’ to go to work.  New year, new job, new motivation, right?  WRONG.  Here’s what really happened:

A new group of people started this week for a well-known client.  They’d been waiting for WEEKS to get started.  On day one, almost FIFTY percent didn’t show up!  Now, when we’re talking 2 people, 1 no-show is 50%.  However, I’m talking about dozens of people and almost 50% backed out.  Not only did they back out, they didn’t bother to let me know about it.  Day one came and went with no word from them; only a big empty spot where those people were supposed to be sitting.  And I’m MAD about it!  These people were excited to get our offer.  They knew when they’d start.  They were perfect for the client.  AND  THEY  DIDN’T  SHOW  UP.

Do you know their odds of getting another offer with us?  Zilch!  But here’s what will happen.  In a few months, whatever better offer kept them from showing up this week will prove to be a dud, or it will end, or whatever.  They’ll come back to me with some lame excuse why they couldn’t join in and another lame excuse as to what kept them from being able to send a simple “I’m sorry” email when it mattered.  And chances are, they’ll expect me to just accept it and give them another job.  Not gonna happen!

Show some accountability!  If you aren’t interested, just say so.  If you accept and later find out you can’t meet a commitment, just say so.  Sure it may be a little embarrassing, but your odds are better for another opportunity later.  I would so much rather have someone let me know last minute that they can’t make it rather than have me expect them and then not show up.  To me, each and every one of these no-shows has proven that they are unreliable to some degree, and unreliable people are people we don’t need.

SO, 2010 has started with a bang.  That is, me hitting my head on the desk with a big BANG.  Let’s hope things go up from here!


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