I’ve been busy!

Time flies when you’re having fun.  (or so I hear)  My recruiting world  has been crazy busy lately, and looks to get busier yet as the spring progresses.  Somehow a month and a half flew by without a single post and I intend to remedy that. 

In the past few weeks I have had several friends comment to me that they wish someone would teach/had taught their kids how to look for and secure a job. 

WHAT???  I thought that was part of high school.  As it turns out, not here and not in a few other areas that are nearby.  I am working an a series of posts for newbies to the job seeking world.  I truly think job search skills should be taught early in high school.  Kids need these skills for after school jobs, then later for post-high school and during college jobs.  By the time the start looking in the professional world, those skills should be solid.  Otherwise how will those young people secure a job when there are so many people competing?

More to come!


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