A word about applications

In case you didn’t know, an on-line application is just as serious as a paper one. 

That means that we want to know about you and your work history.  In our electronic world, many forms indicate which fields are required and which are optional.  In an application, it is better to include more information than not enough. 

Just because a section isn’t “required”, doesn’t mean you should skip it.  If you check that you have 5 years of experience in sales, and 7 years experience in accounting, I STILL want to know what your responsibilities were.  Maybe include where you worked.  Perhaps tell us how long you were employed.

Check boxes are a quick way for us to see if you have the required number of years of service in a certain field.  Beyond that, we want details man!

Keep in mind that not all companies request or even accept resumes.  When an application is the only way to introduce yourself and your skills, be sure that your introduction is complete!

Happy Applying!


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