Job Seekers – pause here!

This is not going to be a post about how to create a resume.  You can Google resume and come up with plenty of websites that will tell you how to make a resume, and some websites that will do it for you! 

This post is a small set of tips for those newbies to the job-seeking world.  They may be students looking for a part-time job or college grads ready to enter the professional world.  What I’m told is these young adults are not taught the skills they need until they have already needed them!  That bothers me.  In fact, that’s why I have a folder full of surprising emails that I use for reference on this blog!

Here are a few tips that I would like to pass along.  They are not law, they are not absolute, and they may not even be agreed upon by others in the field of Human Resources.  What I can tell you though, is that these are things that I encounter EVERY DAY and cause people to get or not get jobs with my company.

1.  Get a resume together.  Have someone proofread it.  Have someone ELSE proofread it.  Now keep it updated!    p.s. – be honest  Nothing will get you fired faster than an employer discovering you lied on your resume.

2.  LOOK FOR JOBS!  They are out there, but they usually won’t come and find you.  Try, Yahoo jobs, state and county job banks, job boards for industries that interest you, etc.  You can even find jobs posted in the Thrifty Nickel! 

3.  APPLY for jobs.  When you apply, please, PLEASE send in a cover letter written like a cover letter.  Attach your updated, proofed, and honest resume.  Do not, under any circumstances, submit a cover letter that looks like a text message!  

4.  Follow up.  We recruiter-type people are human.  We do make mistakes.  We occasionally overlook a message.  If you have applied and have not heard back within a few weeks, please follow-up.  In an earlier post I mentioned that my husband got a job BECAUSE he followed up. 

In your job-seeking endeavors, be sure to ask for help.  Lots of people have done this before and will be glad to give you pointers.   You don’t have to go it alone.


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