A Recruiter Never Forgets

Lately I have seen an interesting phenomenon that I would like to share with you.  It seems that a few people who used to work for us want to work for us again.  That says good things about our company.  What these applicants are leaving out says volumes about them as well.

Please keep in mind that we take electronic applications.  Not only can we tell when an old application has been updated, but we can also see when someone has submitted a duplicate (or several duplicates) application.  That’s fine – we want everyone to be able to update their information.

What’s funny is this.  These people used to work for us.  These records reflect their performance – good, bad or ugly.  These people do not mention their prior work with our company during their interviews.  To look at their interview results, I have to scroll through their applications, INCLUDING their prior work history with us.  Hmm – no mention of our company and their work while here? 

I wonder if they think, ‘maybe she won’t remember me’ or ‘maybe she won’t know that I was asked to leave for X reason’.  It was worth a shot, but nope – I remember.  And if I don’t remember, the system does!

So a word to the wise…be forthcoming on your applications and any other interactions with a company.  If you’ve had experience with them, just admit it.  It may not be pretty, but you’re a bigger person by acknowledging it and we’ll consider you much more seriously for it!



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