Wishful Thinking

Maybe I read too much into things. 

Today I received a request that seemed genuine on the surface.  After I thought about it more, I realized I was (ultimately) being asked to make our company liable for $$.   

I’m paraphrasing here, but this is the gist:

“Hi, I don’t like what I’m currently doing and that job over there would be so much better for me because of X, Y and Z.  I’ve been working for you for years, and I depend on this income.  I also know that the job over there is short term, and I can’t come back to this job when that one ends.  Don’t worry, when I’m out of work because that job over there ends, I’ll just file for unemployment.”

Hmm…good for her?  Sure!  Good for us?  No so much.  Unfortunately for this  job hunter, my job in HR is to help limit the company’s liability.  I just can’t grant her request and I’m sure I will be hearing from her again.


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