Where did the years go?

No words.  How does a person explain an absence of YEARS?  There is no good way, so I won’t even try.

What I do know is that after years of non blogging, I realized the same things keep popping up in my recruiting world.  Empty applications. Rude messages. Poorly written letters.  Nasty phone calls.

Just yesterday I was talking to a marketing expert about how to help people understand how to apply for a job with our company.  I thought – we should publish instructions.  Then I thought – we should put it in our corporate blog.  Then I thought – OHMYGOSH I wrote about this a long time ago!

I found my blog, and more importantly, I found my login credentials.  Now that that’s squared away it’s time to start writing again.

The company I work for has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. When I started this blog, I was the sole recruiter – just me, myself, and I.  Today I have a team of 8 people and it takes all of us and all of our time to control the recruiting activity of our big little company.  I still keep my folders of “funny work stuff”, and now I have backup.  Everyone on my team has a similar set of folders to keep the unusual things that come in on a regular basis.

It still happens, and now it happens times 8.  Those high schoolers who needed job seeking advice are now in the working world.  I hope they read my old blog posts and are not the people giving me new material!



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