The best part

Every once in a while someone reminds me that recruiting can be a very fun business.  Recently I made a few offers and received this in response:

“Wooooooooot!  Yes, yes, yes!”

and this:

“Woo Hoo Hot Dog!”

AND this:


What a wonderful feeling.  This is the best part of my job.  Thank you for making my week!


Bridge Burning 101

As the well-known proverb says, “Don’t burn your bridges behind you.”  It may have started as a military saying.  However, anyone with a job (at least I thought this before working in my field) knows this applies DIRECTLY to the work world.  You never know when you might want to go back to that other company.  Even better – that boss at your old job might come work at your NEW company!  GASP.  In either case, let’s hope you left on good terms!

What I find is that job seekers today haven’t heard that advice.  Or, if they have heard it, they don’t heed it.  Now I don’t proclaim to be the all-controlling-job-giver.  Nope.  That’s not me.  But I’ll tell you this, if someone is ugly with me, I remember it.  To make sure I remember it, I’ll make a note on the application that the person was ugly.  I’ll also note just HOW ugly they were.

eat my shit you little slut


You people are idiots

I don’t do this to be spiteful.  I do this because I work in customer service.  I do this also because I’m sick to death of bad service from stores, restaurants, sales people, etc.  If someone can’t be civil to me, the person who holds the keys to their next desk, what in the world will they do when they get an angry customer on the line?  I shudder to think about it!

Please, remember that we are all human.  Yes – even recruiters.  It pays huge dividends to be kind.  A little patience is nice too.

Are you EVER going to contact me?

I am a grammar snob

Yesterday I told a friend that I wouldn’t be reading emails from “John Smith” any longer.  That is, until someone teaches him to write.

I’m embarrassed.  I actually said this.  Of course, I said it to a friend.  And I said it in confidence.  But the sad part is – I meant every word.

After we finished our conversation it occurred to me – I am a grammar snob!

My grammar is far from perfect.  Frankly, spell check is my friend because it catches my mistakes and points them out before I hit “send”.  However, if it can do it for me, why can’t it do the same for this professional person in a leadership position in my city?

And just HOW did this happen to me in the first place?  I’m a pretty down to earth type of person.  High maintenance, uppity, pompous, and other unflattering phrases like that aren’t what I proclaim to be.  (a little support here please?)

Look at that sentence up there.  I even end sentences in prepositions!  How can I be a grammar snob?

However it happened, it happened.  I can’t help it.  It hurts my head to read messages with glaring grammar mistakes.  It really hurts my head to see bunches of mistakes in the same message.  I draw conclusions that can’t be right.  But it keeps happening.  And even worse – I keep pointing it out to others!  ACK!

Maybe it goes back to me being a hyper-sensitive people pleaser.  Mistakes get to me, and they get to me fast.  I also worry what other people might think if I send them a message with mistakes throughout.  So, I fret about my correspondence being ultra-correct so that others aren’t offended by typos I might have made.  (I suspect they aren’t)

This just goes to show you that you never know who you’re dealing with when submitting that next job application.  Keep in mind that I, or someone as weird as me, might be on the receiving end of that resume.  The moral of this story…proof accordingly!

Do your research

We’ve all heard the advice – research companies before you apply.  If you don’t research them at that time, DEFINITELY research the company before you go in for an interview.  That way, when you are in front of a company representative, you know enough to ask questions about the company, the job, the culture, or whatever else you chose to address.  It shows that you have, well…done your research!  Now don’t get me wrong here.  No one likes a brown-noser.  You don’t have to get all gushy and show that you have the company’s last 5 annual reports memorized.  That’s overkill.  It’s nice for us in the recruiting business to know that the person cares enough to know something about the company for which they appear to want to work.  Unlike this person, when I emailed for more information:

“I have no idea who you are.”

Me:  “OK, thanks for the update.  D. O. N. E.”  Email then goes promptly to my trash folder.

Or this person:

“Can you please tell me how you got my information.”

Me:  “Well, I got your information from the application that YOU sent me!!”  so THAT email also goes promptly to the trash.  And one other thing – questions usually end in a question MARK.  😉  Not that I’m trying to be picky…

It’s Friday, so I have a few days to get over it.  Have a great weekend!

I know you’re mad, but…

It’s frustrating to get a rejection notice.  I know that.  I have received them myself.  They’re the PITS.  But, as grown-ups in a grown-up world, we take our lumps and move on.  Well, some of us do anyway.  Some job seekers would do well to take my advice and not argue the point.  It isn’t going to change our minds.  What it WILL do is ensure that an individual isn’t ever considered for future opportunities either.

Joe Doe might not be right for the job I have right now, but he might be a great fit for something down the road.  However, I can assure you that if Joe responds to his decline notice like this, he won’t get that perfect job if it does come up.

“You people are idiots.”

Watch for a related future post, Bridge Burning 101 for more fun responses from applicants!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

I love surprises in my personal life, but not so much in my work life.  Imagine my surprise when I opened up a candidate response and found this:


Once again, this was the entire email.  I have to give this candidate credit for being concise.   No wordy emails here, and the name is written on my brain in indelible ink.

So, everyone just “shutup” and have a great Thanksgiving already!  🙂


Spell check 101

People – spell check exists for a reason.  Use it please!  You could save yourself an extra round of resume-sending if you got that job today. 

“Is the owork at home job taht u have advertised open up to Canadian residnts?”

 “lookin for a job”

“Youri compagnie Is addenda to mye adressa book and email List.”

 “how you doing today i want to kindnow if you are curretly hiring people that live in canada and if you are what process do you go through in doing so, so if your can help me out with that question i would really love it”

 These people will NOT get that job today.  It probably will not happen tomorrow either!